1. The Mistress

Felicity Kendall and Carla Lane.

2. George and Mildred

Especially the twat with the moustache. (Norman Eshley? Brian Murphy? Yootha?).

3. The Smoking Room

Fucking rubbish. Fucking BBC 3 rubbish.

4. Girls on Top

A female Young Ones! Only not funny at all! Ullman/Wax and the other two unfunny fatties.

5. My Family

Zoe Wanamaker's slit welly mouth just makes things worse.

6. Butterflies

Will she/won't she? (Stop writing this shite?)

Craig: will she get gonor-Ria?

7. It Ain't Half Hot Mum

Just fuck off.

8. The Liver Birds

Ooooh! Sandra! Me fanny's fell off!

9. Only Fools and Horses

Aldi-style Steptoe and Son. Cass-ahndra!

10. Are You Being Served

I'm twenty minutes late because I had to shave my pussy!