The Top 10 Worst British Sit-Coms Ever (March 2007)

Not definitive. Will change by the minute, but FUCKING GOOD REASONS for their inclusion.

One-line reviews only allowed.

1. Bread (BBC)

Simply the worst programme ever made. Carla Lane and all of her Uncle Tom actors wreak RAF-style Dresden damage on the city of Liverpool.


The cast of Bread. Bastards.

2. Two Pints of  Lager and a Packet of Crisps (BBC)

Woeful, Runcorn-based moron-fest. Now in its sixth 'season' or something. Shit.

But it's a young person's comedy!

3. Love Thy Neighbour (ITV)

Reprehensible, badly written, racist, and embarrassing even then.

Actors. Whores.

4. Curry and Chips (ITV)

Spike Milligan's career nadir. Paddy O'Paki, indeed.

5. Till Death Us Do Part (BBC)

Same writer as 4. The ugliness of the human soul writ large. Johnny Speight's.

But he's making fun of racists!

6. The Wackers (ITV)

See 1. Written by Britain's answer to Neil Simon, one Harry Driver. The writer of 3.

Chegwin . In it.

7. Time Gentlemen, Please (Sky One)

Like looking at your own toilet dabs for pleasure. Cambridge graduate Al Murray in sub-Bottom shenanigans.

8. Bottle Boys (ITV)

Robin Askwith as 'Randy milkman'. Enough said.

9. Clarence (BBC)

No laughs a plenty with Ronnie Barker's eponymous, myopic, removal man.

10. 'Allo 'Allo (BBC)

Perry and Crofts repertory of piss poor actors poke unpleasant and unfunny 'fun' at the French Resistance and S.O.E. Cunts.

Don't build your hope up, girls: he's gay!


Send me your own top ten or nominations for this list. Remember: one or two line reviews.