What up?

Man, sho is a real pisser workin' fo' Gregg's muthafuckin' bakery!

Ev'yday, some blood or bitch is saying: "You Michael Rodd, muthafucker! You on Screen Test! You on 'To-morrow's World!"

"Get the fuck outta, here, asshole!" I tells 'em. "I ain't never been on no fuckin' T-V Show!"

But they right! I WAS on 'Screen Test'. Man that TV programme had two different muthafucking theme toons - the goddamn Max Wall one at the start and the more tuneful one at the end. It sure was a sweet programme till I was hustled out of it by that limey son of a bitch Brian True-man! Man, it sho was a piece of shit after that motherfucker bitchslapped my sorry ass.

And I ended up back in the projects after that other limey bastard William Woollard ratted me out to the po-lice on To-morrow's World!

But I'm done with the crack and if that means selling pasties and sausage rolls in south Central LA's only muthafucking Gregg's instead of introducin' th' Observation Round after the same bit of 'Bedknobs and Motherfuckin' Broomsticks', then that's what Michael J Rodd is going to do!

Gotta split - ma babymama's bustin' my ass about leavin' Compton; she sho is a hoodrat, but I gots to have some pussy in my motherfuckin' crib. ( Etc- he carries on in this unconvincing vein for some time...)

Word up.

Michael MC Rodd

And look at that shitty little picture that Mr Saint Vespaluus dug out. What an asshole!

(Click on the pic and Michael will break wind - it's traditional on this site.)