"Hi! Lou Ferrigno, here. You probably know me best from 'The Incredible Hulk'. That's not the only 'string to my bow' of course, ha, ha.

I've been in lots of other things.

I was 'the neighbour' in 'King of Queens' for one episode and I was in 'Pumping Iron' with none other than my (then) good friend Arnold Schwarzenegger.

I also played 'Thug 2' in a tv movie, but I'm not sure what it was called.

I know 'Saint' really wanted Bill Bixby to write this piece, but he can't because Bill died some years ago.

A lot people ask me: "Hey Lou, how come David Banner's kecks didn't split when he turned into The Hulk!"

And I say: "Hey, man, if they did, you would have seen my goddamn tadger! And my bollocks! Jeez, NBC primetime woulda been taken off the air!"

Anyway, I'm off to record an interview with your little own English Channel 4 for '100 Great Sci Fi Moments'. I sure hope that Paul Ross and Lucy Porder are making the amusing comments. Man, they make me laugh!"

Gotta go, now, but I'll leave you with my favourite ever phodo. This one's called 'Hulk deals with a particularly troublesome geography teacher'.

Lou Ferrigno