Hi! Ut's Gerry Gow! Um no as puxullated in real life as ah am heeyarr. Un fact, yud huv tee be a real ersehole uf y'thocht A wiss us puxullated us thus. Un fact, uf a thocht fi just one bastodd second thot ye thocht a wiss as puxuullated as this in real life, od be round tee ye hoose like u fuckin' shot! Um a tidy wee cunt, aye! Nae fucker gets wun owa Gerry Bastodd Goo, I fuckin telt ye!

Um a but peely wally the noo, und u've got a sair on ma erse thot's greetin' like a bairn, but uf ye're gooin' roond unsunuatin' thot Gerry Goo's us puxellated us thus in real life, al fuckin' damage ye! Cunt!

Happy New Year!

Jeremy Gaston Le-Roux Gow