171. City of the Dead (GB 1960)

New England witch is resurrected and granted eternal life in order to wreak vengeance on the village that had her burned to death.


The longest I've ever gone from an initial viewing of a film to a second viewing. "God you're interesting," you've probably just remarked to yourself, although upon hearing it, your live-in lesbian lover stormed out in a huff and smashed the china cat that was precariously balanced on the bookcase near the door.

Thanks to the poor quality 'Horror Channel', I've finally 'caught up' with this film that has troubled me greatly since my insomniac early childhood.

City of the Dead is rubbish, of course, but it's got a good nightmare quality about it to offset the poor quality acting and general ridiculousness of the plot and script.

An obvious influence on Salem's Lot, In the Mouth of Madness and Phantasm.

 I think bits of the film are used in Iron Maiden's seminal (means 'reeking of septuagenarian's semen') 'Bring Your Daughter to the Slaughter'.

And I don't want to sound all laddish, but lead actress Venetia Stevenson has one ace gratuitous underwear scene which cheered me up no end and more than made up for her non-existent acting talent and Cornish-American accent.