A special Xmas message from former Blackler's store Santa * Billy Downey:

 *11 am 23.11.1973 - 11.15 am 23.11.73

'Ey! y'fuckin' bastards! Are you lookin' at mE fuckin' bird? Are yer? Are yer? Yer cunts!

My fuckin taaarrrt Aggie's a fuckin' lady, she is. A fuckin LAY-DEE! 'Ey!

Am gonna fuckin' treat her like a fuckin, fuckin, fuckin' bastard princess!

J'reer me? J'reer me, y'fuckin' shitehawks? A fuckin', shaggin' princess!

An this 'ouse is gonna be like a fuckin' palace!

That girl's me fuckin' world!

'ave gorra fuckin' job intavew at TJ Yoozez, I 'ave!

Fuckin' Santa Claus, that's worrEYEam and am gonna look after my Hagatha so y'can all go and fuck y'selves!

You 'eard me:


Santa Claus