A special 'July' message from Ed Asner:


"You know the score. I claim to know 'Saint' and then tell you about my acting credits.

Well, let me tell you something, I wouldn't be able to recognise that son of a bitchin' limey prick if I fell over him while takin' a shit.

And don't include me in with these other losers like Ferrigno; I was Lou Grant! Lou goddamn Grant! I won an Emmy for 'Rich Man Poor Man' and I was blacklisted for my union activities when your Hank Bough was sniffing 'charlie' and emptyin' his nuts in some cut price bordello!

But you're not interested are you? You're thinking 'if his arms are as hairy as that, how does he wipe his ass?' Well, for your information,  I go down to the gas station and get one of those high pressure hoses to blast off the hershey crumbs ( you guys call 'em 'tagnuts') after I've pinched a loaf.

As for cuttin' the cheese, you guys don't know you're born! Just compare one of my (as you bastards would say) 'run of the mill' air biscuits with your Hank Bough's best effort!

Damn! I've shit my kecks!

Ed Assner

Ed (hairy) Assner