Michael H's SHITCOMS

1) No Place Like Home


Family based tossfest. NPLH features two of the worst performances ever committed to videotape, namely Daniel Hill

  and not

(curse you, Google) as Raymond the son-in-law who irritates the dad (William "Bill" Gaunt one of the Champions who wasn't Alexandra Bastedo) by trying to borrow his car etc.

(What was it with borrowing cars from dads in 70s sitcoms? It seemed to be a staple up there with the custard pie fight in the 20's)

'Place' also featured Marcia Warren   as the wacky neighbour. I don't know much about acting but her gurning, shouty turn would have anybody sneaking into the greenhouse for a crafty sherry. I used to fancy the mum too, which is my problem obviously.

Warning may contain early Martin Clunes.


No Place Like Home: note the Hannah Gordon-lite 'Mum' that Michael fancied.

2) Brush Strokes

Terrible decorator based affair with an admittedly great theme song. Cheeky Karl Howman, star of the infidelity/voyeur obsessed Flash adverts (maybe that's why it's called.....) The idea seems to be if you give the sink a wipe round, there may be a chance of forgiveness from ones missus if you get caught rinsing out your brush over your saucy neighbour. Older viewers may remember Howman in the Linda Hayden twiddlefest "Expose."  

'Strokes':  'Jacko' Howman - the Lidl Robert Lyndsay.

 3) Mind Your Language

Funny foreigner toe curler starring the poor man's Robin Asquith, Barry Evans, but not this one.

If you find it hard to imagine a poor man's Robin Asquith I'm not surprised, however a quick glance at Adventures of a Taxi Driver should prove the point.

MYL: Barry Evans with the funny Chinese one, the funny Spanish one and the funny Pakistani one.

4) Never The Twain

How this made it past the point that somebody said " ok so it's going to star Donald Sinden and Windsor Davies as rival antique dealers," I'll never know. Slightly harder to watch than Windsor Davies and Jack Douglas trying to cop off with those girls in Carry on Behind.  

Twain: 67 episodes!

 5) Yus, My Dear


Mullard: ship.

I hated this when I was young because I only ever saw it at my Auntie's, who would only spring for a black and white licence despite the fact her favourite program was Pot Black and Rainbow (not really). His wife used to frighten me (Arthur Mullard's, not my auntie's). Spin off from Romany Jones apparently (thanks Google)


CODA: Romany Jones

Co-starred the late, great James Beck. And who was could fill the boots of Private Walker, (Beck's most famous role and one of the best-loved characters in the history of British comedy) in the current revival of the 'Dad's Army' stage show?


Taxi drivers:  think twice about stopping outside British rep theatres Nov - Dec 2007.