1972. Sleuth (GB 1972) 

"Jumped up pantry boy" turns tables on upper class writer.

Everything that's wrong about a film that you could imagine: it's based on a long running stage play; 'Larry' Olivier's in it, as is Michael fucking Caine; it's stagebound (better than 'eggbound', I suppose); there's bombastic, showboating acting from Larry (Caine's much better, shockingly enough); there's poor cutaway editing to suggest menace; there's over the top music; there's a risible sense of its own cleverness vis-a-vis its 'surprise' (I don't think so) ending and there's a general air of ridiculousness about the whole thing.

And yet, a great film! Albeit one that you'll feel terribly embarrassed about having enjoyed.


I, like millions of others, always thought that Morrissey sang "a jumped up COUNTRY boy", but apparently not.  (It's Larry that quotes the line in the film.)

And if you're taken in by 'Inspector Doppler', you've probably been a recipient of the Magpie appeal at some stage of your life.