191. Carrie (US 1976)

Girl discovers telekinetic powers. Mayhem ensues.

Director: Brian de Palma

Starring: Sissy Spacek, Piper Laurie, Amy Irving, William Katt, Nancy Allen, John Travolta

Bit part: Ricky Tomlinson (as Jenny, Carrie's sleepover friend)

Fact: Stephen King's wife Tabitha retrieved the original transcript of the novel after the drunken author had lashed it in the bin thinking that it would never sell.


Splendid, dated, unhinged version of Stephen King's symbolic coming of age story.

Spacek plays 'creepy' Carrie White, a teenage girl kept in the dark about all matters sexual by her religious maniac mother (the excellent Piper Laurie).

"Yrrrrr doooomed!" says John 'Piper' Laurie

The film starts with Carrie in the showers at school and having a panic attack because she doesn't understand what's happening when she starts menstruating for the first time. I don't normally like period movies, but...

Mark Wright's early Southampton career was blighted by Channon's horse poo practical jokes.

Anyway, evil John Travolta and his bird Nancy Allen make life difficult for Spacek (culminating in a bucket of pig's blood being dropped on unlikely Prom Queen Carrie) whilst puffily coiffured William Katt and his equally frizzy girlfriend Amy Irving do their best to make Carrie's life that little bit better.


Wiliam Katt's 'tux' design was turned into an amusing comedy tee shirt by British heart throb Richard O'Sullivan

The Travolta/Allen prank leads Carrie to unleash the full force of her kinetic powers and she destroys the school hall and all of the prom goers inside with the sole exception of Irving (a bit sly on Billy Katt).

She then kills off the escaping Travolta and Allen in similar spectacular fashion before going home to dispatch her arl girl in splendid ritualistic fashion.


The new 'Always' ad was quickly withdrawn by the ASA.out

tThe best fake ending (and much imitated) in cinema history. I know someone who literally shit his kecks (NO, IT FUCKING WASN'T!) when he saw the 'hand from the grave grabbing Amy Irving's arm' shot at 'the pictures'.


Amy Irving: all round good egg and the ex-Mrs Steven Spielberg

Best Bits:

1. De Palma's extravagant direction (particularly the slow motion 'pig's blood attack'.)

Nancy Allen: complete and utter bastard and the ex-Mrs Brian de Palma

2. The fake ending.

3. The killing of Mrs White (particularly when Carrie starts pissing about and makes the knife somersault in mid air before impaling her ma).

Take that, bizarre Jesus-Saint Stephen-Mother hybrid thing..........

Worst Bit:

William Katt's hair. (Possibly best bit).

William Katt: Californian Pocket Billiards Champ 1973-76