178. Trees Lounge (US 1996)


Barfly occasionally tries to make sense of his life.  

d. Steve Buscemi

starring: Buscemi, Chloe Sevigny, Mimi Rogers, Samuel L Jackson

FACT: Steve Buscemi has to appear in every American film by law..  

LIE: That man in the white shirt above is amethod actor who's never had a drink in his entire life

Buscemi  plays  wastrel/piss artist Tommy (something or other) whoís lost his job and his girlfriend to his tosspot ex-boss Anthony LaPaglia.

 Not a great deal happens in this character driven, fairly meandering film, but the eye for detail, the performances and director Buscemiís creation of its own form of real life verisimilitude (almost real, but not quite) are all brilliantly realised.

 Lots of guest appearances (Samuel L., Mimi Rogers, Chloe Savigny, Carol Kane-hurrah!!) and lots of genuine article-style ugly American character actors (everyone at the bar/the fat one out of the Baldwin clan) and the usual, low-key self deprecating ace performance from Buscemi.  

Mimi Rogers: no way is Tom Cruise gay.

Thereís no real resolution at the end of the film and you are left to ponder about Buscemiís possible future as he sits looking resignedly across the bar of the Trees Lounge.  

A great film.